Why Palm Angels Is Leading Clothing Brand

palm angels

Palm Angels

Designed by American entrepreneur and Italian citizen, Palm Angels is a fashion brand that combines Italian perspective and American culture.

The collection’s compositions are made up of deconstructed shapes, comfortable materials, and unexpected sartorial details.

The label was established in 2014 and has since presented in Milan and Paris. The company has since expanded into collaborations, such as with Sundek and Suicoke. Read on for more information.

Palm Angels started as a photography project in Los Angeles, where the founder Francesco Ragazzi took a photo of a skateboarder against the backdrop of the sunset in Venice Beach.

The image, which became the logo for the brand, evoked a halo that was instantly recognizable. Ragazzi has since expanded the company’s line to encompass an entire collection of clothing.

His vision combines the hip attitude of Los Angeles with the Italian craftsmanship.

The brand has become a worldwide sensation with its eye-catching, urban designs and vibrant colour palette.

Founded by Francesco Ragazzi, the brand is a contemporary fashion label that has gained fame in the skateboarding scene.

Designed for both men and women, Palm Angels’ designs are inspired by the street culture of America. The brand’s bold colours and prints are the perfect combination of luxury and streetwear. The collection is available online and in select stores.

Francesco Ragazzi, the creative director of the Moncler brand, started Palm Angels in 2015. The label’s skate-inspired clothing range is a reflection of Ragazzi’s Italian background and his appreciation of skate culture. Ragazzi also works with prominent brands and has launched a collaboration with British skaters. A new era of skate culture has come to the high-fashion market, and Palm Angels is set to continue its upward trend.