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White mushrooms are the most common type of mushroom in Canada, and they come in three different sizes. They’re also available in bulk, in cello-wrapped trays, sliced, and triple-rinsed. The versatility of white mushrooms makes them great for any dish, from a quick side dish to an impressive main course.

When you buy mushrooms at the grocery store, remember that the quality is always a major concern. While Canadian mushroom growers have long advocated for brown paper bags, most supermarkets are still hesitant to switch. But, in the end, most changes in food service are consumer driven.

The Conestoga College team recently won the Mushroom Canada Make it With Mushrooms competition. The students created a recipe incorporating garlic, mushrooms, and other ingredients. This delicious, healthy, and nutritious meal is ready in less than 30 minutes.

Canada Mushroom offers a variety of products that you can buy online. The website offers a wide range of cannabis products, including edibles, vape cartridges, psilocybin microdoses, and CBD oils. The company offers discreet, country-wide delivery, and free shipping for orders over $149. And because they are Canadian, they are legal in Canada.

There’s no need to worry about the legality of buying mushrooms in Canada – you can find the right product at the right price.

Magic mushrooms in Canada have also been used for spiritual purposes as far back as 9000 B.C. They first became popular in western civilizations in the 1950s. In the 1960s, they were widely used. However, in 1974, psilocybin mushrooms were illegal in Canada.

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The Convention on Psychotropic Substances was passed, which aimed to regulate the use of psychotropic substances worldwide. Since the drug was legalized, the prosecution of psilocybin has dropped off the priority list. Recently, dispensaries offering magic mushrooms have emerged.

Online retailers offer a variety of species and detailed product information. Customers can purchase everything they need – edibles, shrooms, and dried mushrooms – all from one convenient place. And, since they’re sold online, they’re much cheaper than in person.

That’s a big plus for consumers, as online stores are open 24 hours a day. And if you’re looking for an authentic, high-quality mushroom, consider ordering it online. You can get a free 10% discount when you purchase over $125 from an online retailer.

Decriminalizing mushrooms can open up a whole new market for marijuana. Since the legalization of marijuana is not as far-reaching as regulating shrooms, policymakers will likely look to similar market regulations to regulate cannabis.

It could set a precedent for the use of cannabis-derived products as alternative medicines. And while marijuana has long been legal in most jurisdictions, mushroom decriminalization can be a step forward. And, if you’re looking to purchase mushrooms online, look no further than Organic Shroom Canada.

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Pumpkin, Carrot And Mushroom Soup

A delicious pumpkin soup like a carrot and mushroom soup, comforting flavors that plummet with the drop in temperature, flavored with hot spices ideal for this fall season.

Pumpkin Soup :

Last weekend, after a good bike ride, we were exhausted and I no longer had the strength to spend time in the kitchen. In the evening, a light rain was falling, which prompted me to prepare a good empty-fridge soup with pumpkin, carrots and mushrooms accompanied by garlic bread and oven-grilled cheese, nothing better to warm up.

Last year for the Thanksgiving menu I made this tasty soup without adding mushrooms because my little Layla is not a big fan, this time I had the good idea to mix them like this neither seen nor known it goes unnoticed. This delicious warming soup that I served for dinner is a perfect meal for fall, hearty but without being caloric, it was unanimous in my household.

I prepare a lot of soups throughout the fall and winter, and this pumpkin and carrot soup is one of them, balanced flavors, sweet and above all a source of vitamin A and C, rich in fiber and antioxidants. It’s really the kind of soup not to be without during the very cold season. If you like soups, don’t hesitate to consult my index of fall recipe ideas .


Before serving this soup garnish with liquid cream and if you prefer a vegan and gluten-free soup, just replace it with soy or oat cream. Sprinkle with pumpkin seeds and accompany with croutons why not or even pieces of toasted bread with garlic and cheese, so the whole family is delighted. You can replace the pumpkin with pumpkin in this case it is not necessary to remove the skin.

How to make pumpkin and carrot soup:

The procedure is very simple, all you have to do is:

  1. Brown the chopped onion until translucent and add the pieces of pumpkin (or potimarron) cut into cubes as well as the carrots and mushrooms.
  2. Add the garlic and ginger and sauté before adding the spices (cumin and turmeric) and a few sprigs of thyme.
  3. Cover with vegetable (or chicken) broth, season with salt and pepper and cook for about 30 minutes or until the vegetables are tender.
  4. At the end of cooking, mix everything in an immersion blender after removing the sprigs of thyme.
  5. Fill with water if the soup is too thick or even soy milk for a creamy consistency.

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The Best Sleeping Mushrooms Or Marzuoli In March Month

As the common name says, the Dormiente mushroom or Marzuolo, should be the most typical and common mushroom of the month of March. However, I deliberately used the conditional because, even this, indeed, this more than all the other mushrooms, in order to bear fruit, requires very particular climatic situations, which do not always happen and, if these do not happen, goodbye Marzuoli!

As you can read in the specific sheet dedicated to this mushroom, the Sleeping-Marzuolo Mushroom (Hygrophorus marzuolus) , unlike almost all the other more common mushrooms, needs cold, snow and very cold, if not completely semi-frozen water. .The Marzuolo in fact, as the common name says Dormiente, loves to under a thick layer of snow.

It begins to bear fruit already in the heart of winter, perhaps already between the end of November and December, snow permitting (provided it is already often present) and continues to vegetate protected from extreme frost, thick layers of snow or very thick humus-litter.

The carpophores-s pore holes-fruit bodies that we collect in March, were sometimes born many months earlier. The beginning of the thaw causes them to be found semi-underground, so much so that they are also called semi-hypogeal mushrooms (semi-hypigeal fungus) because sometimes to be able to identify them it is necessary to dig into the humus or the litter.


Recent climate changes have put a strain on the existence of this fungal species which does not tolerate drought, let alone the absence of snow on the ground. The faster the snow melts on the ground, already in the dead of winter, the easier it is that no fungus of this species will be found .The winter of 2021-2022 for example was a bad winter for Marzuoli mushrooms.

Very little snow fell in Northern Italy and that fall melted after a few weeks, even in the Alps, below the vegetation line. Snowless Alps, dry soils and dry bedding are not ideal conditions for these fungi, in fact, they are even very bad. Something similar has also happened in many Apennine locations.

March is therefore not necessarily the month of the Marzuoli. If very thick layers of snow persist on the ground until mid-June (as happened in past decades), the Marzuoli mushrooms will be harvested no earlier than May and by the end of June, therefore in a period that is completely antithetical to the name of the mushroom itself..

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