General Mushrooms

How to Sell Mushrooms?

Many producers focus more on production rather than the sale of  mushrooms. However, the issue.

That is more important than the production of oyster mushrooms is to be able to find sales channels continuously and continuously.

Oyster mushroom is a mushroom that is mostly water and loses this water after a while. According to the measurements, oyster mushroom kept in the production environment loses 10% of its weight in the first 4 hours, 15% after 4 hours, and 25% the next day.

In other words, 100 kilos of oyster mushrooms will be 90 kilos when you weigh them 4-5 hours after picking, and 75 kilos the next day. You should definitely consider this detail in your sales.

To Whom Can I Sell Mushrooms?

To whom you can sell oyster mushrooms depends on your daily production capacity and the distance of your production place to settlements. Here are some of the ways you can sell oyster mushrooms;

Mushroom Wholesalers
Market Stalls, Organic Markets
Deli and Organic Products Stores
Packaged Markets
Restaurants, Hotels
Yourself as Retail
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The most important issue when selling oyster mushrooms is to collect your mushroom after receiving the order and agreeing on the payment terms and prices. Malicious people may want to apply a price reduction policy at the time of sale, knowing that you have to sell the mushroom because they know that the mushroom is losing quality and weight than expected.

In addition, it is best to re-weigh the waiting mushroom and sell it.

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How Is Oyster Mushroom Price Determined?

Oyster mushroom price is determined in line with the demands, as in many agricultural products. Unlike other agricultural products, the price of oyster mushrooms changes little from time to time. For example, the price of tomatoes decreases in the summer and rises in the winter. This is because tomatoes grow naturally in the field in summer. However, since oyster mushrooms are produced under the same conditions in all seasons, their price does not change.

Oyster mushroom prices vary between 5 TL and 10 TL per kilo in wholesale for 2020. This price is of course influenced by factors such as the quality of the cork, shipping costs and quantity purchased.