How I Improved My Father’s Day Gifts In One Easy Lesson

That’s just bad right yeah it happens all Father’s Day Gifts the time we got a guest here hey how’s it going thanks for stopping by yep oh he meant to say hey hey yeah yeah .

I got you yeah thanks for stopping by joining in our live stream if you just joined we’re talking a Father’s Day gift and fathers days it’s just around.

  • The corner June st  Sunday it’s time to celebrate these amazing father figures Jeremy is gonna be a father the first well he’s being a father but this is his first Father’s Day and yes well yeah this follows day it is it’s your first Father’s Day so and of course everyone in this world I don’t care who you are you have a dad right so I do have a question though yes does it has to be a medium to buy a father a gift or anybody can buy any father .
  • A gift so that’s a very good question and it depends on how close you are to the family I think it makes sense to give like your cut your cousin’s a Father’s Day gift but it it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense unless you’re very close to them like is my second question is my second questions right are we close enough that you could get me a father say Q is my first Father’s Day that’s where you were going yet I you know out of my own defense .
  • I was actually thinking about that exact situation I was taking him Jeremy we’re like your business partner we do work together and that no stick is awkward if I give you a fire safe yes because it makes sense it’s your no energy awkward Oh golly accept it this is your first Father’s Day don’t don’t always expect it for future father said oh yeah right right but for your first one I’m gonna plan something something not so not so big so don’t know get your hopes up .
  • I know I haven’t the hopes it will be thoughtful I never I never have any any expectation from you never worry that’s why we work so well together anyway so this life dream is about Father’s Day gift especially for fathers that are into tech right because he depends on what your father likes and you want to make sure you buy him something that he’s happy with and I think this day and age I don’t think you can go wrong with buying yeah .

I mean like if from our age would be my father level I think we we will always gladly I was  everybody’s good attack gift yeah your husband that gift you’ll like it you know yeah so yeah okay go don’t buy them sweaters are shoes not pants please don’t yeah those are those are difficult yeah neither this is a good spirit a sweater .

The only time that after works well is Christmas for ugly sweater yeah you only wear that one night yes but that makes sense because your goal is to annoy them with the ugliest sweater so that’s easy to do but the flip side is to get them a sweater that they really love is hard because clothes is a very personal