Unbelievable Communicated Success Stories

Be communicated with no disrespecting people on email and I’d be so inundated my gosh I’d be on that computer all day long .


I prefer to have that personal touch and it seems to work with all the companies

I have that I’m quite active in but I have great presence running most of them thank God a very blessed our right to take care of the details but

I’m still hands on in many many of the businesses here and it’s I can work better that way and it goes down to this pay attention to the vital few ignore the trivia many if I’d email no disrespect there’d be a lot of trivia on there

I’d be answering I try and pay attention to the vital for you and ignore the trivia baby what do you differentiate those those two categories to be like where would let’s say your president be and where would like

3 Unbelievable Communicated Success Stories

The head of a sales division be are they are two sides of that equation know what it is is if it’s one of my companies you could call me directly but people know call me directly if you have to but don’t bother me

With something someone else can handle then they do it works really really fine works really well but what’s important would be obviously presence of company anyone that’s involved with me either fill

Entropically the main people fill in properly are the main people my business is or places or countries I want to reach out to of the head of

A country will call me I’ll call them right back you know things are very very significant insignificant are I’ll give you an example in my life it

Has been significant I’m hit up every months for hundreds of requests send me a hundred dollars send me a two million dollars you have all

The money share it with me and I just I don’t even touch it I can’t I’m swarmed I do so much philanthropy now everyone expects that

Whether it’s a two million dollar mortgage or hey I want to start a new business send me  thousand dollars because you have money I don’t

That people should do well that’s not true I spend millions on philanthropic work but I do it through our foundation where it really makes sense not where I have to go through it all so my question is is

How do you begin to set up that system so that you have the and I’ll call it a luxury in some ways of communicating as you see fit when you see fit with those key decision-makers well for starters I’m the chairman