How to grow our business with free software

In a world where technology influences everything we do , it’s important that we look at how we can use this to our advantage. One area where we need to prioritize the use of technology is in our business , where we can create new ways to increase profits and automate tasks that will help us reduce costs.

It is now a technology based on free software that gives us maximum freedom to apply it to our business whether it is physical or online. That’s why we need to evaluate each of the areas that make up our business so that we can use the appropriate free tools in this way.

Benefits of using free software in business :

There are many benefits to using free software in business, but we can highlight three:

  • The overall cost of implementing free software and open source tools is generally low.
  • The free and open source software is constantly updated and is secure.
  • By using free and open source software in our business, we break free from the shackles of vendors.

What to Do Before Including Free Software in a Business :

The evaluation process takes us on different paths and forces us to prioritize or follow an overall plan, my experience tells me “ that we must evaluate every step we Instagram take when incorporating technology into our business. “. That’s why, as a reference, I’ll share with you some of the small steps I usually take when including free software in an online or physical business.

Analyze your current business model :

Whether we have a physical or online business, or we want to start a new one, it is imperative that let’s analyze our business model in detail , evaluating among other things:

  • How we carry out our procedures.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of our business model.
  • Processes to be improved.
  • Evaluation and clarification of our competitors.
  • Evaluation and prioritization of our potential and current clients.
  • Documentation and classification of technological tools used.

In this analysis process, I rely on open source canvas tools (such as his  Business Model Canvas Template ) that allow me to properly structure my business model.

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