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Buy Blue Meanies Me Success in returning psychedelic research to scientific respectability.” Pollen says Roland is the ultimate straight arrow, at least until you get.

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  • Him talking about ultimate questions. But I’m not so sure.
  • This allegedly straight arrow has long harbored such questions about and
  • Experiences of the mystery of consciousness and existence, fed by a decades-long meditation practice.

This evening, I suspect we’ll see him

Weave in and out of those two sides of himself, the consummate scientist and the secret mystic, or so I hope.

I for one am curious to see

  • What winding path this arrow takes. As .
  • I said, this is the first in a series we’re hosting here at the Center on Psychedelics and the Future of Religion.
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You can do so on the Center’s website.

The Next event will take place on October , that’s .

  • A Wednesday, from  to  PM, and is in many ways a follow-up to Roland’s lecture. It will be a
  • Panel discussion on medicalizing mysticism, religion in contemporary psychedelic trials. 
  • It will feature two members of our own community who were subjects in those recent trials, one at Johns
  • Hopkins, focusing on mental health, and one at NYU, focusing on religious professionals.
  • The third panelist will be historian of religion, Jeff Kripal, from Rice University.

Who will help us make sense of all this from the perspective of the history of religion, mysticism, and

Paranormal or super normal experiences. So stay tuned. Much more to come in this series. In the meantime, please settle in and join me in

Welcoming Roland Griffiths. Thank you very much, Charlie. Well, this is a great honor. So I’m going to speak to you for .

The next  minutes or so about psilocybin, mystical experience, the implication for healthy psychological