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The clean ones Buy Magic Mushrooms Online but if  you got you know four or five and one mushroom .

You say I’d really like to try it you can clean  it wash it but they say don’t wash your mushrooms like.

  • I said if you’re picking for the  table try and clean them as much as you  can before you put .
  • Them in your basket  so you have less to do when you get home .
  • I think it’s old honey mushrooms huh in November we do a lot of mushroom.
  • Forensics what could have that been coral not in good shape but .

There’s  some coral here that’s called uh yeah if it’s really flimsy like that  it has like little yellow and pink   undertones on the bottom people  have been eating .

That lately but  I know that corals can give you if you eat  a lot of them they can give you diarrhea i’m not sure probably in my center no  yeah

My scene is have very brittle stems   but it might be something else i’m not  sure about the color of the gills on these.

 Buy Magic Mushrooms Online

  • I think that usually mighty  Cena’s have white gills same thing little teeny tiny mushrooms um john those coral  muffins sometimes are .
  • They purple well there   are purple ones yeah yeah that’s a really  pretty one yeah but that one there is .
  • A lot there’s or pores on the bottom so that two forms  of it but that one has little spines on.
  • The   bottom see him so that’s a false turkey  tail that’s a false turkey and the nose .
  • I think they look like look like poison pie  which is something called hepatoma crystal   for me but.

I’ve never seen it growing  out of me oh yeah always always you know so .

This is an old exonym goes testilitis or elm  oyster but it’s not really an apology mushroom and these guys probably seen of some  sort no oh these might be gal Varina.

it’s not hard to tell until  the spores start to turn what kind of tree is

That that’s the maple  oh that’s yours they love riding me amazing sure as long as you don’t ingest them yeah you  have to there’s actually a

Poison mushroom   a mushroom poisoning book a lot like the  Audubon book size mushroom book and it has a   list of mushrooms and it’ll have a