How I Improved My Father’s Day Gifts In One Easy Lesson

That’s just bad right yeah it happens all Father’s Day Gifts the time we got a guest here hey how’s it going thanks for stopping by yep oh he meant to say hey hey yeah yeah .

I got you yeah thanks for stopping by joining in our live stream if you just joined we’re talking a Father’s Day gift and fathers days it’s just around.

  • The corner June st  Sunday it’s time to celebrate these amazing father figures Jeremy is gonna be a father the first well he’s being a father but this is his first Father’s Day and yes well yeah this follows day it is it’s your first Father’s Day so and of course everyone in this world I don’t care who you are you have a dad right so I do have a question though yes does it has to be a medium to buy a father a gift or anybody can buy any father .
  • A gift so that’s a very good question and it depends on how close you are to the family I think it makes sense to give like your cut your cousin’s a Father’s Day gift but it it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense unless you’re very close to them like is my second question is my second questions right are we close enough that you could get me a father say Q is my first Father’s Day that’s where you were going yet I you know out of my own defense .
  • I was actually thinking about that exact situation I was taking him Jeremy we’re like your business partner we do work together and that no stick is awkward if I give you a fire safe yes because it makes sense it’s your no energy awkward Oh golly accept it this is your first Father’s Day don’t don’t always expect it for future father said oh yeah right right but for your first one I’m gonna plan something something not so not so big so don’t know get your hopes up .
  • I know I haven’t the hopes it will be thoughtful I never I never have any any expectation from you never worry that’s why we work so well together anyway so this life dream is about Father’s Day gift especially for fathers that are into tech right because he depends on what your father likes and you want to make sure you buy him something that he’s happy with and I think this day and age I don’t think you can go wrong with buying yeah .

I mean like if from our age would be my father level I think we we will always gladly I was  everybody’s good attack gift yeah your husband that gift you’ll like it you know yeah so yeah okay go don’t buy them sweaters are shoes not pants please don’t yeah those are those are difficult yeah neither this is a good spirit a sweater .

The only time that after works well is Christmas for ugly sweater yeah you only wear that one night yes but that makes sense because your goal is to annoy them with the ugliest sweater so that’s easy to do but the flip side is to get them a sweater that they really love is hard because clothes is a very personal


Unbelievable Communicated Success Stories

Be communicated with no disrespecting people on email and I’d be so inundated my gosh I’d be on that computer all day long .


I prefer to have that personal touch and it seems to work with all the companies

I have that I’m quite active in but I have great presence running most of them thank God a very blessed our right to take care of the details but

I’m still hands on in many many of the businesses here and it’s I can work better that way and it goes down to this pay attention to the vital few ignore the trivia many if I’d email no disrespect there’d be a lot of trivia on there

I’d be answering I try and pay attention to the vital for you and ignore the trivia baby what do you differentiate those those two categories to be like where would let’s say your president be and where would like

3 Unbelievable Communicated Success Stories

The head of a sales division be are they are two sides of that equation know what it is is if it’s one of my companies you could call me directly but people know call me directly if you have to but don’t bother me

With something someone else can handle then they do it works really really fine works really well but what’s important would be obviously presence of company anyone that’s involved with me either fill

Entropically the main people fill in properly are the main people my business is or places or countries I want to reach out to of the head of

A country will call me I’ll call them right back you know things are very very significant insignificant are I’ll give you an example in my life it

Has been significant I’m hit up every months for hundreds of requests send me a hundred dollars send me a two million dollars you have all

The money share it with me and I just I don’t even touch it I can’t I’m swarmed I do so much philanthropy now everyone expects that

Whether it’s a two million dollar mortgage or hey I want to start a new business send me  thousand dollars because you have money I don’t

That people should do well that’s not true I spend millions on philanthropic work but I do it through our foundation where it really makes sense not where I have to go through it all so my question is is

How do you begin to set up that system so that you have the and I’ll call it a luxury in some ways of communicating as you see fit when you see fit with those key decision-makers well for starters I’m the chairman


The Digital Business Card Startup That’s Helping Businesses Collect

You want to meet highly-targeted business leads, so you’re signed up to attend trade shows. After all, experts recommend attending face-to-face events as an effective means to meet new prospects, close sales, and strengthen your brand using software.

But in positioning yourself to enjoy these benefits, there’s the problem of exchanging contact information (and goodness knows what else) .

Using paper business cards – especially in a pandemic. How can you share important contact information without physically exchanging paper, or without having to reprint business cards endlessly?

A more efficient, contactless way to collect in-person leads

This is the exact problem that Pop solves. Using NFC technology and QR codes, Pop helps prospects exchange business details in seconds using.

A combination of NFC tags, QR codes and dedicated mobile and desktop applications.

With Pop, vital information such as phone numbers, e-mail addresses, social media handles, websites, and even files and videos can be exchanged with just a tap or a scan.

Thus, Pop has pioneered the age of the new tap-to-share digital business card.

To share contact information with others, the technology is very simple to use.

Pop’s users only need to create profiles once, activate their Pop device on the mobile app once, then they can tap other phones to share contact information forever.

With a backup QR code linked to each Pop profile, Pool extends the number of ways through which contact information can be shared instantly – without the information receiver needing an app.

Receiving contact information from others is also a breeze. Thanks to Popl’s mobile app, users can also scan paper business cards into digital contacts in seconds.

But the ease doesn’t end at information collection. Pop users can also organize collected leads more efficiently into groups, then export the leads using the CSV export function to integrated external CRM software such as Salesforce, HubSpot, and more.

Story continues

“Popl is that time-saving, eco-friendly bridge between the people you meet in person and your CRM”, says Jason Alvarez-Cohen, co-founder of Popl.

Redefining the future of business cards for teams

Popl’s recently launched solutions for teams aims to help businesses save time and effort in collecting leads sustainably by switching to a team-wide digital business card solution.

The new desktop app, Popl Teams features a dashboard that allows each team member’s profile details to be updated and managed from a single web interface.

For example, rather than the old practice of printing fresh paper business cards with each information update, Popl’s new Teams dashboard enables instant team members’ contact information updates at no extra cost.

Teams also allows for easy adding and removing of members as work teams grow and evolve.

Popl Teams also analyses data to offer intelligent insight into how connections are being made, with additional capabilities to support export all of individual members’ leads to CRM. Popl Teams’ built-in integrations .

enables single-click lead exports directly to Salesforce,HubSpot, and other CRMs using a normal CSV file. This results in a simple, time-saving end-to-end solution.

where team members use Popl devices and Popl QR codes to turn in person interactions into digital leads, which can then be exported right to a central, team-wide CRM.

From idea to contact management bliss

The idea for Popl came after Jason Alvarez-Cohen and his best friend from UCLA, Nick Eischens discovered NFC technology at an event in the Hollywood Hills.

“My first thought was – hey, I want to be able to tap my phone to somebody else’s phone and share information,” says Jason.

Unfortunately, this was not possible with software alone. The next best thing was to create a hardware product which when attached to phones, could tap information into other phones.

Growing up as the son of two UC Berkeley-based engineers, Jason’s passion for engineering began long before Popl. Experimenting with gadgets and electronics early in life set the stage for the research that was to come.

Naturally, Alvarez-Cohen was able to experiment with a variety of materials and create a prototype for this invention.

Finding success, Jason showed the prototype to Nick and together, they decided to start a company to make this ease of information sharing available to businesses all over the world.

Thankfully, Jason’s undergraduate-level majors switch from engineering to computer science helped launch the company quickly, as there was no need to seek and hire a technical founder externally.

Nick, on the other hand, took charge of the operations side of the business which played perfectly to his strengths.

In the future, Popl would like to see a world where paper business cards are eliminated and companies are able to utilize Popl to create powerful, digital business cards that convert and create more qualified leads.

“There are billions of dollars worth of paper business cards being printed every year.

It’s bad for the environment, and they don’t offer an efficient, time-sensitive way to connect analogue data with digital platforms” says Jason Alvarez-Cohen.

By switching to an effective digital solution like Popl, businesses can save themselves time and resources involved in turning connections into valuable, efficiently organized data – all while respecting the planet’s resources.

General Mushrooms

How to Sell Mushrooms?

Many producers focus more on production rather than the sale of  mushrooms. However, the issue.

That is more important than the production of oyster mushrooms is to be able to find sales channels continuously and continuously.

Oyster mushroom is a mushroom that is mostly water and loses this water after a while. According to the measurements, oyster mushroom kept in the production environment loses 10% of its weight in the first 4 hours, 15% after 4 hours, and 25% the next day.

In other words, 100 kilos of oyster mushrooms will be 90 kilos when you weigh them 4-5 hours after picking, and 75 kilos the next day. You should definitely consider this detail in your sales.

To Whom Can I Sell Mushrooms?

To whom you can sell oyster mushrooms depends on your daily production capacity and the distance of your production place to settlements. Here are some of the ways you can sell oyster mushrooms;

Mushroom Wholesalers
Market Stalls, Organic Markets
Deli and Organic Products Stores
Packaged Markets
Restaurants, Hotels
Yourself as Retail
buy shrooms online

The most important issue when selling oyster mushrooms is to collect your mushroom after receiving the order and agreeing on the payment terms and prices. Malicious people may want to apply a price reduction policy at the time of sale, knowing that you have to sell the mushroom because they know that the mushroom is losing quality and weight than expected.

In addition, it is best to re-weigh the waiting mushroom and sell it.

Recommendation What should be the temperature of the environment suitable for the growth of mushrooms?

How Is Oyster Mushroom Price Determined?

Oyster mushroom price is determined in line with the demands, as in many agricultural products. Unlike other agricultural products, the price of oyster mushrooms changes little from time to time. For example, the price of tomatoes decreases in the summer and rises in the winter. This is because tomatoes grow naturally in the field in summer. However, since oyster mushrooms are produced under the same conditions in all seasons, their price does not change.

Oyster mushroom prices vary between 5 TL and 10 TL per kilo in wholesale for 2020. This price is of course influenced by factors such as the quality of the cork, shipping costs and quantity purchased.


Selling Software Online: 8 Stages to Succeed on the Internet

Selling Software Online: 8 Stages to Succeed on the Internet

Online software marketing is an activity that requires knowledge in the areas of communication, marketing, marketing and law. However, in this marketing study we will see .that it is not so difficult to inform a management solution and get profitable results. You may be interested in selling business solutions, as long as you follow the recommendations in this article.

Selling Software Online
Selling Software Online

In this tutorial, we start from the beginning that from a technical point of view your software is finished, but from a commercial point of view, no strategy has been used. Once you have started doing some marketing activities for your software, you will understand without much effort the 8 steps you should follow.

Step 1: Create a brand and set it against rivals
Product refers to all aspects that allow for commercial representation, as well as personal and professional software expert opinion. Consider this section as a requirement for selling your software online. For a product to fulfill its function, it must contain the following features:


It should be short, clear, and clear, and it should match the available domain name (example: Salesforce and your domain name). If .com is not available, you can select .co, .app, .es or .net. Avoid words that are difficult to identify on the web such as calle de Madrid or Nirvana (American music group).


The logo quickly conveys the product image (confidence, determination and innovation … or amateurism. Do not re-invent the wheel, it is better to make a simple design and use more than 3 colors.

Number suggestion

Summarize in one sentence the usability of your software for users. This will allow you to position yourself and communicate effectively.

There is nothing better than drawing a SWOT, with 4 Ps on paper:
4 Ps results from marketing mix:

  • product,
  • price,
  • market place,
  • promotion.

For example: when you launch a Sage competing management software, you should be able to say that it is cheap and very ergonomic, even though your performance is very focused. This setting will lead to actions that are relevant to your intended audience.

Step 2: Choose a business model

The software market has undergone a real transformation with the SaaS (Software as a Service) model which came in the 2000s and that, since then, has not stopped growing. Web-based software wins most market segments due to flexibility in distribution and sales.

In this sense, the distribution mode you choose for your software determines how you market. Here is what you need to know about each of them:

Commercial license

The license is subject to the purchase of a permanent right to use the software by a particular user. Licensing is a down-to-earth way to distribute, but still applies to progicials (ERP / management software), in cases where data confidentiality is important or where updates are rare.

💡 Licensing has the major advantages of providing publishers with “significant” revenue: customers pay for every product right away (even before they even try it).


With the success of SaaS solutions, registration has come to the point of licensing. With this new type of contract, the customer only stops because of what they are using. Registration (monthly or annually) is the oldest form of online software, usually including software costs, updates and support.

💡 The advantage of the subscription is that customers feel free to change the software without losing the investment as they pay according to usage.

From the publisher’s point of view, the first contribution is not interesting as the regular monthly income is not very interesting. In the long run, however, this is a benefit as the monthly benefits are collected without extra effort each month.


Commission is a rare business model, but it can be interesting when a transaction transcends your platform like the Stripe platform. In this case, the use of the software is free, but you get a portion of the revenue generated by the solution.

Free license and registration

If your income is advertising, you can distribute your software for free. This is true of almost every Google tool. However, this approach to leadership is not always clear.

Example: Google has stopped scanning Gmail emails to send personalized ads. Other forms of payment may be for the service, such as open source software (GNU GPL License) for its free source codes: in this case, the services are sold to increase the amount of open source software.


Copyleft is a license granted to the author for the purpose of independent use of the software. These types of software have no commercial function and the purpose of these solutions is to enrich information and culture.

Section 3: Compliance with the Rules
Obeying the law is not the only reason for avoiding fines or imprisonment. And as a sign of seriousness and honesty, this condition is often very important for consumers.

We present an incomplete list of official issues to consider:


You may not allow the collection of data on race or ethnic origin, political, philosophical or religious views, union membership, health status or sexual health in your software.

HR software cannot contain data that violates employee privacy. Management software cannot contain “bad payment” data without notifying the person concerned.

Legal Framework against Tax Fraud
Drafts require accounting or business management systems not to allow users to control financial and accounting data. All movements should be followed in the case of tax assessment.

The first draft also allows for submission